Rating System

I rate books on a review scale of 1-5 stars, including 1/2 stars. Below is a basic outline of what each rating means. My reviews will always have more of an in-depth explanation as to why the book received that particular star rating. If you would like to know more about my review policy you can find that post HERE

1 Star – Probably DNF’d or wanted to. Did not enjoy at all. Would not recommend.

1.5 Stars – Did not truly enjoy but found some form of redeeming qualities. Would not recommend.

2 Stars – Some aspects I liked but overall it was not enjoyable for me. Would not re-read or recommend.

2.5 Stars – I did not personally enjoy it but think other may. Would recommend depending on the reader.

3 Stars – Overall okay and enjoyed the reading experience. However, I would not read any sequels or other books in the series. Would recommend.

3.5 Stars – A really good solid read but found some aspects to be problematic. Would recommend.

4 Stars – Entertaining and very enjoyable. Would absolutely recommend.

4.5 Stars – Adored this book and found it to be *almost* perfect. Definitely would recommend.

5 Stars – Absolutely loved this book. Probably won’t shut up about it for a while and will re-read it many times. Would recommend to *everyone*

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